“I think the loveliest time of the year is the Spring…” (5/9/2017) - Just to add a little pep in your step as you skip through the park….;)  
Scythian at the Weinberg (3/7/2017) -   On Friday, March 10th 2017 at 8 p.m., Scythian, a band with “rock star charisma meets Celtic dervish fiddling” will be flaunting their “thunderous energy, technical prowess, and storytelling” on the Weinberg stage just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. This band is riddled with classically trained musicians, ranging from the fiddle and mandolin […]
FiND iT Frederick Adventure Series Episode 4 Underwater Experience w/Studio 11 Photography (12/5/2013) - Go on an underwater adventure with FiND iT FREDERiCK Magazine & Studio 11 Photography in Frederick.
FiND iT FREDERiCK Adventure Series- Episode 3: Sushi 101 at The Kitchen Studio (12/5/2013) - Join the FiND iT team as we learn the basics of sushi making with Christine Van Bloem, awesome chef lady and owner of The Kitchen Studio in Frederick, Maryland.
FiND iT FREDERiCK Adventure Series Key City Roller Derby (12/5/2013) - Join FiND iT FREDERiCK for another adventure with the Key City Roller Derby
FiND iT FREDERiCK Adventure Series – Episode 1: Upward Enterprises (12/5/2013) - Your legs are shaking. You’re scared stiff. You’ve decided to jump, but you just can’t make your legs do what your brain is telling them to do. You double check your harness and focus on the folks below cheering you on. Three, two, one…, Explained: The Magazine Goes Digital (12/5/2013) - Discover what’s what and who’s who with FindiTFrederick, now online. This is the 90 second promotional video for, put together for us by Digital Bard (
Find It Frederick – Slide Show (12/5/2013) - Slide show of Frederick County imagery and website screen grabs. Photography courtesy Barb Campbell of Studio Eleven ( Video Courtesy of Digital Bard (