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Super Sleuths at Surelocked In

surelocked-message Outside of the building in downtown. We knew we were in trouble!

Over the weekend, we found ourselves on Santa’s naughty list! The dynamic Father and Son Duo, Mike and Chris Sparks of Surelocked In Escape Games, reassured us that there was a bona-fide way of evading coal in our stockings this year: just solve a series of interlocking puzzles to find where Santa hid his list and sneakily move our names over. Santa would be back in an hour, so we only had that long to solve our way out of this Holiday Escape Room in Downtown Frederick. Needless to say, this was a challenge that we gladly accepted.

surelocked-mikesurelocked-chrisMike and Chris Sparks of Surelocked In Escape Games

When we arrived at Surelocked In, we were enthusiastically greeted by Santa’s helper elves (AKA Mike and Chris) and both helped explain the rules. I’ll spare some details, but the express version of the Escape Room rules are: you get 60 minutes to solve a huge puzzle, everything you need is in the room, you get three hints if you get stuck, and NO PHONES! For us Millennials, that last rule seemed particularly daunting; however, separation anxiety aside, the rules sounded simple enough and we all clamored into the room. At that point, it was a race against the Santa timer in the upper corner of the room.

surelocked-nathan-bootssurelocked-nathan-readingsurelocked-christmas-treeNathan Elbert with FiND iT FREDERiCK and the festive decorations in the Naughty or Nice Escape Room

What happens in the room is classified, but I will tell you that, at least for us, it involved a lot of playful yelling, running in circles, and a ton of fun! Unfortunately, we also ran out of time and are thus resigned to Santa’s Naughty List forever, but as far as we’re concerned, we’re glad to get the coal! As puzzle lovers, we loved the experience, and as technologically dependent Millennials, we didn’t even miss our smartphones.

surelocked-piratesurelocked-groom    An exclusive puzzle-free sneak peek of Ship Outta Luck and Escape Groom

Even though we couldn’t quite get out, Mike and Chris were very gracious and offered us an exclusive sneak peek of their other two rooms, the brand new “Ship Outta Luck” that is pirate-ship themed, and the seemingly impossible “Escape Groom” that Chris repeatedly told us has a zero percent solve rate.

It goes without saying, but, we are excited to go back and see them again! (We might have already made reservations for Ship Outta Luck…) Not only is this an affordable activity for birthday parties, corporate events, or just a great night out, it is a memorable one for sure. Once you try one of these escape rooms, we promise you, you’ll be eager to get locked up again!

This family-owned business takes reservations on their website and are conveniently located in Downtown Frederick next to Volt at 220 N. Market Street.

Photography © 2016 Pulse Publishing, LLC. All rights reserved

Art of Beauty in Frederick!

(Logo courtesy of www.theartofbeautyskincareassociates.com)

The Art of Beauty Skincare Associates, located on Rosemont Avenue in Frederick, is home to a number of friendly licensed estheticians that offer an abundance of services to leave you feeling healthy, pampered, and rejuvenated.

That’s why we are excited about partnering with our friends at The Art Of Beauty  for our current GIVEAWAY GIFT (happening Wednesday 11/4 through Friday 11/6) to help you pamper yourself before the big Holiday Hurry sets in! What can you win?

PicMonkey Collage

  1. Keyano Aromatics Green Tea Scrub
    This exotic exfoliating cream will douse your skin on tired hands, feet, and body with natural sea salts and vitamins to leave you feeling fresh and smooth. Just scrub into skin and rinse. Perfect for busy bees!
  2. $70 Towards a European Facial
    Use the gift card to treat yourself to a day of pampering while the licensed estheticians give you a unique aromatherapy massage for your face, neck,  and decollete. Their most luxurious facial utilizes essential oils from pure flower and plant, to balance, lift, tone, and hydrate. Followed by a customized mask treatment tailored to your needs. The package also includes a paraffin hand dip and foot massage.
  3. Age Defying Eye Complex and Solar Protection Cream
    Samples of Age Defying Complex and Solar Protection Cream to apply when your skin needs a jolt of healthy antioxidants, vitamins, and other natural skin inflammation remedies.
  4. Keyano Aromatics Green Tea Butter
    This luxurious, hydrating cream will illuminate your skin with its combination of shea butter and vitamins to leave your hands, feet, and body feeling healthy and protected from harsh winter temps and wind. Just rub into skin and voila!

Visit Theartofbeautyskincareassociates.com for more information on their products! And don’t miss your chance to enter for a chance to win this beautiful basket of amazing products on our Facebook- HERE



(photo courtesy of Fred & Co 1745- www.fredandco.us)

Featured in our Fall Issue of FiND iT FREDERiCK, Fred & Co 1745 shares their story about the up-and-coming brand for comfortable, fashionable, garments and textiles- all manufactured and sold right here in the historic district. Here’s 5 facts about the designers and their artful wardrobe masterpieces that you should know!

1.  Fred & Co 1745- Why 1745?


This company embodies the rich culture and fun perspective of our growing city. So it’s no wonder the group behind this city-serving brand chose 1745- the year Frederick Maryland came to be!

2.  The Mission

In their own words, founders AJ Naylor, Chaz Stitely, and Sam Delgado state: ” Living in a disposable world, Fred & Co 1745 provides tough, quality garments, Our handcrafted, American-made goods are representative of the city we were raised in: rooted in rebellion, progression, and history.”

3.  Climbing the Ranks

Ever heard of the fashion luminary- Claire McCardell? Born in Frederick Maryland in 1905 and a Hood College student from 1923-1925, McCardell is a renowned designer who’s pieces, especially in women’s athletic wear, reached fashionistas and style gurus all over the world. Her stature during her rise to fame in the fashion industry was surely impressive, and Fred & Co 1745 has been compared to this monumental icon and even noted as joining the ranks alongside this local trendsetter. Not too shabby!

4. Products That Give Back

The goods produced by Fred & Co 1745 pay homage to Frederick’s industrial and military history. The trio behind the brand is energized by the opportunity to join the garment and textile industry here in Frederick and hopes to partake in the growth of this town’s own economic growth.

5. You Could WIN Your Own Fred & Co 1745 Shirt!

FiND iT FREDERiCK Magazine is excited to offer one lucky winner an authentic Fred & Co 1745 T-Shirt. Like all F&C tops, this T is comfortable, stylish, and made entirely local! Head over to FiNDiT FREDERiCK’s FB and Instagram to learn how!