It’s Halloween! Leaves are changing, pumpkin spice lattes are being sipped, candy is being sold in bulk, what’s not to love? Here at FiND iT Frederick we always like to show our four-legged friends a little love (link to White Collar, Blue Collar, Dog Collar here). So we put together the best “paw”stumes that were submitted by our readers.

We just want to gobble Ava up as a cute lil candy corn!

Baby Bubbles is a bellydancin’ pup!

Miss Zuzu Petals is the rarest Beanie Baby of all.

Misha is going to watch over us all as our fairy dogmother.

Bubba is lookin’ stylish with his skinny jeans and v-neck cardigan.

Beebulz is the loveliest ladybug!

Mr. Raybear is a happy lil Jack-O-Lantern.

Dundun…..dundun….Don’t worry it’s just Sadie, not a scary shark!

Get this pup some flapjacks! Squeak is tired after a long day of lumberjacking.

Turbo the Flying Dog is ready to take off! (Check out his book here!) 

Ziggy Stardust is auditioning for Jurassic Bark!

Chloe is going to be the most beautiful doggerfly! (Also, 10/10 for not trying to eat that candy!)

Mr. Darcy says “You’re a wizard Hairy.”

Don’t worry, Ella will save the town!

Daenerys’ lesser known fourth dragon: Emma.

One thought on “HOWL-O-WEEN

  1. Claudia Prather

    Baby Bubbles, Squeak and Bubba I love how your owners torment you with the costumes. My former fosters rock, love these pictures of all the dogs but these 3 hold a very special place in my heart.

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