12 School Supplies that your Friends will want to Steal

If you don’t know which school supplies you need for class, check out FCPS’ Website with the supply lists for all schools.

For all y’alls lookin’ to get a little extra credit on your supply game, look no further: 

Writing Utensils

Plant-able Pencils at The Spice & Tea Exchange!

Turn your nubs into shrubs!

Themed Pens

Just in case you never wanted to see your pen again after it gets stolen by a classmate…or co-worker… FiND iT at Retro Metro!

Space Colored Pencils

Who says the sky is the limit? FiND iT at Barnes & Noble!

Scented Pens

They say that there is a strong tie between memory and smell…so…stank it up! FiND iT at Wal-Mart!

Secret Pens

For extra-super-secret note passing. FiND iT at Barnes & Noble!


Other Handy Supplies

Assorted Sticky Notes

They stick to stuff….what’s not to love? FiND iT at Retro Metro! 

Decomposition Notebooks

When you need to write a poem in the 10 minutes before class and need a little creativity boost. FiND iT at Curious Iguana!

Piano Calculator

This calculator is so awesome you can’t Handel it. FiND iT at Barnes and Noble!


Unicorn Tape Dispenser

Just in case you need to tape your life back together after finals week. FiND iT at Barnes & Noble!


Backpack with Speakers

So you can re-create your own High School Musical moment…or…you know…whatever kids do these days. FiND iT at Spencer’s!


Pokéball Lunchbox

So…you know…you can catch ’em all! FiND iT at Spencer’s!

Hamburger Lunchbox

For those of us experiencing the HUNGER for KNOWLEDGE. FiND iT at Spencer’s!