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Get Spooked!

Ready to get spooky?! We are too. Check these things out:

Murder and Mayhem Walking Tour Through Downtown

  • What: Join us as we step through time to hear the “other side” of Frederick’s history, including some of the most scandalous, nefarious, and unbelievable moments in the city’s storied past.
  • Where:  Museum of Frederick County History, 24 East Church Street in Frederick
  • When: Every Friday and Saturday at 7 pm 
  • Cost: Tickets are available in advance or at the door. $10 Adults, $8 Seniors (60+), and $6 Child (6-12). To reserve tickets contact Jennifer at 301-663-1188 x104 or

Ravenseye Manor

  • What: Three Haunted Attractions: Haunted Hayride (Back and better than ever), Dark Corn Maze (An eerie experience in the dark), Carnival of Souls (A 3D experience you will not want to miss)
  • Where: 8778 Jordan Road, Fairplay, MD
  • When: Fridays and Saturdays in October 7-11 pm 
  • Cost: Cursed Hayride: $10, Carnival of Souls: $10, Dark Corn Maze: $5, Combo All 3: $20

Markoff’s Haunted Forest

  • What: Celebrating their 25th anniversary, Markoff’s Haunted Forest is Maryland’s original greatest Halloween Event. With 2 trails (and a town) to explore, you will be amazed by our haunts, our extreme events, and huge bonfires! Get Ready ~ Get Psyched!
  • Where: 19120 Martinsburg Rd, Dickerson, MD
  • When: Opens at dusk on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays (and Halloween night!). Last patrons are accepted at 10:30 pm. 
  • Cost: Trail Pass: $35, Town Pass: $25

Screamland Farms @ Crumland Farms

  • What: Screamland Farms is bringing you five exhilarating experiences on Fridays and Saturdays this Halloween season! Two Horrifically Scarier Haunts. Enter at your own risk! A ghastly night of bone-chilling fear and unspeakable terror for those who dare.
  • Where: 7612 Willow Road, Frederick, MD

  • When: Fridays and Saturdays until November 4th from 7-10 pm

  • Cost: Starts at $15 per haunt, All-Inclusive pass is $75

Halloween in Baker Park in Downtown

  • What: Each year our Haunted Baker Park has many new twists and turns throughout the evening. We keep some of everyone’s favorites while adding new and scary characters in secret places that no one is expecting. Many different themes and surprises for all! “Trunk or Treat” will be back again this year due to popular demand. So bring your favorite empty treat bag or pumpkin and wear a costume if you like!
  • Where: Baker Park, Frederick, Maryland

  • When: Friday, October 20th at 6:30-8:40 pm

  • Cost:  You have to pre-register and it costs $6 for in-city residents and $8 for non-city residents.


It’s Halloween! Leaves are changing, pumpkin spice lattes are being sipped, candy is being sold in bulk, what’s not to love? Here at FiND iT Frederick we always like to show our four-legged friends a little love (link to White Collar, Blue Collar, Dog Collar here). So we put together the best “paw”stumes that were submitted by our readers.

We just want to gobble Ava up as a cute lil candy corn!

Baby Bubbles is a bellydancin’ pup!

Miss Zuzu Petals is the rarest Beanie Baby of all.

Misha is going to watch over us all as our fairy dogmother.

Bubba is lookin’ stylish with his skinny jeans and v-neck cardigan.

Beebulz is the loveliest ladybug!

Mr. Raybear is a happy lil Jack-O-Lantern.

Dundun…..dundun….Don’t worry it’s just Sadie, not a scary shark!

Get this pup some flapjacks! Squeak is tired after a long day of lumberjacking.

Turbo the Flying Dog is ready to take off! (Check out his book here!) 

Ziggy Stardust is auditioning for Jurassic Bark!

Chloe is going to be the most beautiful doggerfly! (Also, 10/10 for not trying to eat that candy!)

Mr. Darcy says “You’re a wizard Hairy.”

Don’t worry, Ella will save the town!

Daenerys’ lesser known fourth dragon: Emma.

Jenny Leigh, “Let It Just Happen”


If you went to Urbana High School, you might just recognize Jenny Leigh!

Cool thing is, this Frederick Native wrote a song, co-written with Barrett Baber (whom you may recognize from The Voice, Season 9) and Adam Wakefield (whom you may ALSO recognize from The Voice, Season 10) AND it’s going to be available for digital download and streaming everywhere starting this FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 8th!

Her new single, “Let It Just Happen” is “a true representation of [her] as an artist and individual. It showcases a mix of [her] influences, having grown up listening to everything from country classics to Motown to southern rock, and has a timeless feel to it.” Leigh says “I hope the song translates to the listener in a way that is timeless, and lets the listener know that it’s OK to not have everything figured out all the time. Whether you feel stuck in a job, in a relationship, or have an outcome in your life that you’re trying to force, sometimes it can be healing to take a step back and let the pieces fall where they may.”

Although she’s releasing her debut single as a country-recording artist, she’s not quite a rookie. She’s performed the main stages at CMA Fest and some local venues like Merriweather Post Pavilion, Hard Rock Cafe, Rams Head Live, and the 9:30 Club. She also released her debut single, called “Spitfire” last year, which is currently available on all digital and streaming platforms.

Wanna learn more about Jenny Leigh? Check out her website.

Summer Bucket List

Did you have the BEST SUMMER EVER??? 

If you answered NO, here are some heckin’ sweet ideas for your last few weeks of summer vacation! 

Ultimate FiND iT Frederick Summer Bucket List

Get mistakes at Jimmie Cone

Have a group of people who need ice cream? Ask for a bag of mistakes at Jimmie Cone! You’ll get a nondescript bag of ice cream treats in all shapes and sizes from sundaes to sideways soft-serve–anything that they made that wasn’t quite what a customer wanted before. (It’s not that they made the ice-cream sideways, that’s just how it hardens in their freezer when it’s stored.)


(If you’re over 21) Check out Alive @ 5!

The beer garden is awesome and the bands are rockin’! If you’re not quite 21, you can always enjoy the music from across the creek too.

Listen to a concert in the Summer Concert Series

There’s a concert every Sunday in the Bandshell at Baker Park over the summer. You still have a few opportunities to check out a good concert!

Catch a Movie on the Creek

This actually runs through September and October too! One Friday a month, the Downtown Frederick Partnership hosts a free movie on the creek.

Have a Picnic at Baker Park

Grab a good group of friends, some hula hoops, and amazing snacks (Maybe from Firestone’s Market??) and spend the afternoon in the park!

Taste Frederick Food Tours

Frederick is a foodie-haven with a plethora of cuisines. If you’re not sure where to start, you can take a tour and fellow foodies! (And, because if you’re not constantly thinking about food…I don’t know if we can be friends anymore…)

Take a Ghost Tour through Downtown

Learn a little something about Frederick’s haunted past! It’s a great way to learn history about our little city in an unconventional way.

Get some yummy Local Produce at a Farmer’s Market

There are a handful of superb Farmer’s Markets around Frederick City that pop up on the weekends, like West Frederick Farmer’s Market and the Frederick City Market . In the county, Catoctin Mountain Orchard is also open daily.

Go to a Frederick Keys game

Nothing says summertime like a hot dog and a baseball game!

Swim at Cunningham Falls

Take a hike and a dip; this childhood summer staple should NEVER be missed!

Ride bikes along the towpath

You can bike all the way from Point of Rocks to Harper’s Ferry, W.V. if you’re ambitious enough!

Hike Sugarloaf Mountain

It’s about a 7 mile hike up Sugarloaf and the views are spectacular! It makes a great day trip, for sure.

Fish at Big Hunting Creek

It’s the first catch-and-release trout fishing area in Maryland!

Putter around the Potomac

Take a kayak, canoe, sailboat, motorboat, or even yacht out on the beautiful Potomac! (There’s also whitewater rafting, though they don’t leave from Frederick County.)

12 School Supplies that your Friends will want to Steal

If you don’t know which school supplies you need for class, check out FCPS’ Website with the supply lists for all schools.

For all y’alls lookin’ to get a little extra credit on your supply game, look no further: 

Writing Utensils

Plant-able Pencils at The Spice & Tea Exchange!

Turn your nubs into shrubs!

Themed Pens

Just in case you never wanted to see your pen again after it gets stolen by a classmate…or co-worker… FiND iT at Retro Metro!

Space Colored Pencils

Who says the sky is the limit? FiND iT at Barnes & Noble!

Scented Pens

They say that there is a strong tie between memory and smell…so…stank it up! FiND iT at Wal-Mart!

Secret Pens

For extra-super-secret note passing. FiND iT at Barnes & Noble!


Other Handy Supplies

Assorted Sticky Notes

They stick to stuff….what’s not to love? FiND iT at Retro Metro! 

Decomposition Notebooks

When you need to write a poem in the 10 minutes before class and need a little creativity boost. FiND iT at Curious Iguana!

Piano Calculator

This calculator is so awesome you can’t Handel it. FiND iT at Barnes and Noble!


Unicorn Tape Dispenser

Just in case you need to tape your life back together after finals week. FiND iT at Barnes & Noble!


Backpack with Speakers

So you can re-create your own High School Musical moment…or…you know…whatever kids do these days. FiND iT at Spencer’s!


Pokéball Lunchbox

So…you know…you can catch ’em all! FiND iT at Spencer’s!

Hamburger Lunchbox

For those of us experiencing the HUNGER for KNOWLEDGE. FiND iT at Spencer’s!




Founding Father’s Favorites

These prolific, profound, persistent patriots of the past preferred perfectly prepared plates of…well…their favorite foods. Sate your curiosity below:

George Washington

Oysters, Cream of Peanut Soup, Mashed Potatoes with Coconut, String Beans with Mushrooms, Cherries

George Washington, the first president, the great American icon, and possibly the foundingest of fathers.  While his teeth have been the subject of numerous debates and rumors, we have neglected to look at what his infamous chompers were snacking on. According to historical records, George enjoyed a good helping of cream of peanut soup, mashed potatoes with coconut, and…. cherries! Yes, the man famous for (not actually) chopping down a cherry tree was also quite fond of them. Both he and Thomas Jefferson grew cherry trees and Martha Washington had numerous recipes that included the fruit.  If you can’t go out and pick your own cherries, try some of the many cherry-flavored sodas at the North Market Pop Shop. I’m pretty sure George would have been a fan of the Red Ribbon Cherry Supreme Soda.

John Adams

Pickles, Apple Pandowdy, Hard Cider

John Adams, the first vice president and second president of the United States, was known for his blunt nature, witty insults, and strict moral compass that didn’t always gather him favor. So, what did the Atlas of Independence eat when he wasn’t sending articulate jabs to the King? Apples, apparently. His wife, Abigail, made apple pandowdy from their New England harvest. When it came time to drink, nothing satisfied John Adams like a tankard of cider. In fact, pick up your own hard cider at Distillery Lane Ciderworks and say cheers to Bonny Johnny.

Thomas Jefferson

Madeira wine, Tomatoes, Rice, Soybeans, Tofu, Macaroni and Cheese, Belgian Waffles

Thomas Jefferson, was the principal author of the Declaration of Independence and the third president of the United States. It seems that he had his hand in almost everything (seriously, he was considered an expert in civil engineering, anatomy, architecture, anthropology, physics, mechanics, meteorology, navigation, ethnology, botany, paleontology and geography). So, in between his numerous scientific advancements, what did the Man of the People enjoy eating? Well, almost everything. In fact, you can thank Jefferson for popularizing common foods such as tomatoes, rice, soybeans, tofu, and…. macaroni and cheese. Yes, macaroni and cheese. The man responsible for writing one of the most important documents in American history is also responsible for that cheesy goodness piled onto your plate. As for drinking, Thomas Jefferson was certainly fond of wines, particularly Madeira wine. Pick up your own bottle of Madeira wine at Viniferous and pair it with a big plate of Kraft, for a dinner Thomas Jefferson would be proud of.

Alexander Hamilton

Cream Puffs with Vanilla Icing

Alexander Hamilton was an American statesman and the founder of the nation’s financial system, the Federalist Party, the United States Coast Guard, and The New York Post. His life was exciting and intense enough to warrant a musical, aptly named “Hamilton”. Coming to the colonies as an underprivileged but extremely smart 15 year-old, Alexander rose through the ranks and was one of the important faces of American democracy. While Hamilton’s favorite foods are not as well documented as some presidents, it was noted that cream puffs were certainly one of his favorites. So, for this July, pick up some cream puffs at Cakes to Die For, sit back and relax to “Hamilton: An American Musical”.

James Madison

Hoppin’ John, Virginia Ham, Oysters, Ice Cream, Veal, Apple Pie, Cider

James Madison, Father of the Constitution, was possibly the smallest and quietest of all presidents. Yet, despite always being labeled as frail and shy, this man wrote most of The Constitution and all of The Bill of Rights, and became the 4th President of the United States. His wife, Dolley Madison, was a bright socialite and she wrote that James Madison’s favorite dishes included oysters, ham, apple pie, and ice cream. Many presidents and other famous political figures often raved about Dolley Madison’s dinners and desserts. Whether Firestones Raw Bar secretly has a Dolley Madison clone working for them, I don’t know. What I DO know is that you can get their fresh oysters and have yourself a James Madison dinner that would make The Great Legislator proud.

James Monroe

Spoon Bread, Chicken Pudding, Cry Babies (AKA Molasses Cookies), Chicken Fried with Rice


James Monroe held almost every key public office position before he became president in 1817, creating the Monroe Doctrine and starting the era coined “The Era of Good Feelings”. Monroe is considered the last of the presidential founding fathers and, coincidentally enough, he died on July 4th, just like Presidents Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. During his long political career, James Monroe’s preferred meals were simple and representative of the South. He enjoyed spoon bread, chicken pudding (think casserole, not Jell-O), molasses cookies, and simple chicken with rice. Not many places serve James Monroe’s favorite dishes. But if you are hankerin’ for some chicken pudding or (for the less adventurous) chicken with rice, you can pick up some great organic chicken at Serendipity’s new and growing deli and make your own.

Benjamin Franklin

Parmesan Cheese, Apples, Cranberries

Benjamin Franklin, also known as the man whose face you would most like to see in your wallet. Any attempt at a summary of his many great accomplishments would either lead me into writing a novel or severely short-change this renowned polymath, author, printer, theorist, politician, freemason, postmaster, scientist, inventor, civic activist, statesman, and diplomat. So, what did The Prophet of Tolerance enjoy eating? Many people may shout “Turkey!” and, although Franklin was fond of the bird, he never wished for it to be our national symbol (have fun bursting those bubbles at Thanksgiving). Benjamin Franklin was notably fond of apples, cranberries, and parmesan cheese. While I can’t condone chasing tornadoes (seriously, he almost died doing that) I can suggest that you celebrate Ben with some parmesan cheese at Crisafulli’s Cheese Shop. Seriously, go ham! Or turkey, if you prefer.

The Summer of Drinking Patriotically

Ever wanted to get a nice, patriotic buzz going just like the Founding Fathers intended? Even after Independence Day, you can celebrate with these tantalizing libations.

Fritchie Firecracker

Exclusive at Hootch and Banter for a limited time only:

    • Ingredients:
      • Nolet’s gin
      • Mint Simple Syrup
      • Fresh Lemon Juice
      • Soda Water
      • Peychaud’s bitters
      • Fresh Blueberries

Patriotic Sangria

  • Ingredients:
    • 2 bottles of your favorite dry white wine
    • 1 bottle of your Favorite champagne
    • Strawberries (or raspberries)
    • Blueberries
    • Granny smith apple
    • Star-shaped cookie cutter
  • Directions
    • Combine wine and champagne into a large pitcher. Add in sliced strawberries and whole blueberries.
    • Cut the granny smith apple in half and then cut into flat slices around ¼ inch thick . Use the star-shaped cookie cutter to punch the star shapes into the slices.

Red, White, and Blue Slushie

  • Ingredients
    • 4 oz Strawberry Daiquiri Mix
    • 4 oz PIna Colada Mix
    • 1 oz Rum
    • 1 oz Triple Sec
    • 2 oz Blue Curacao
    • Ice
  • Instructions
    • In a blender, add Strawberry Daiquiri Mix, 1 cup ice, triple sec and 1 ounce of rum. Blend until smooth and pour into a glass. Rinse the blender so there is no color transfer.
    • Repeat the blending process with Pina Colada Mix, 1 cup ice, and 1 ounce of rum. Pour or spoon on top of the first red layer.
    • Once more, in the blender, add 1 cup ice, and 2 ounces of blue curacao. Pour or spoon carefully onto the white layer.

Red and Blue Fireworks Martini

  • Ingredients for Blue:
    • 2 oz. gin
    • 1 oz. Blue Curacao
    • 2 oz pineapple juice
    • Ice cubes
  • Ingredients for Red:
    • 2 oz. vodka
    • 1 oz. apple schnapps
    • 2 oz. cranberry juice
    • Ice cubes
  • Instructions:
    • Wet the rim of the martini glasses and roll in either red or blue Pop Rocks.
    • Mix all of the ingredients in a shaker and pour over ice.

Red, White, and Blue Jello Shots

  • Ingredients:
    • 6-oz package strawberry Jell-O
    • 6-oz package berry blue Jell-O
    • 3 cups of vodka (plain or flavored)
    • 14-oz can sweetened condensed milk
    • 2 envelopes unflavored gelatin
    • Cherries with stems (optional)
  • Instructions
    • Combine berry blue Jell-O and 2.5 cups hot water in a large bowl. Stir. Add 1.5 cups of vodka. Stir. Use a spoon to fill your shot glasses 1/3 of the way. Place in the fridge to set for 60-90 minutes.
    • Combine 2 envelopes unflavored gelatin and 1.5 cups hot water in a large bowl. Stir until the gelatin has dissolved. Mix in sweetened condensed milk. Stir. Use a spoon to fill your shot glasses 2/3 of the way. Place in the fridge to set for 60-90 minutes.
    • Combine strawberry Jell-O and 2.5 cups hot water in a large bowl. Stir. Add 1.5 cups of vodka. Stir. Use a spoon to fill your shot glasses to the top. Add in a cherry. Place in the fridge to set for 60-90 minutes.

Exotic Sweets Downtown

Frederick is sweet and strange! What a delectable combo!

We ran up & down Market Street and tried to find all of the exotic sweets, here’s what we found:


The Candy Kitchen

Chicken Feet Gummies

Popular with children and chicken-foot enthusiasts alike

Habanera Chocolates

For those who find heat is appropriate with all dishes

Sriracha Jelly Beans

Look an awful lot like cherry jelly beans…are we right?


Zoe’s Chocolates

Sesame Tahini Crunch Truffles

Yes, like in hummus. Yes, eat some.

Gold Chocolate Bars

For those of us that are fancy on the inside.

Cakes to Die For

Maple Bacon Biscuits

Actually…sounds wonderful and perfect. Can we have like…30?

 The Pop Shop

Grass Soda

Nothing like the flavor of a freshly mowed lawn.

Buffalo Wing & Ranch Dressing Soda

A classic pairing, fit for a Queen.

The Perfect Truffle

Old Bay Caramels

MARYLAND.CLASSIC. Actually, nothing weird here.

Hibiscus Truffles

Flower + Chocolate = Yes please!


Frederick Fudge Co.

Watermelon Fudge

A yummy deviation from your traditional chocolate fudge.

Playdough Ice Cream

Freakin’ delicious.


Em(paw)ees: White Collar, Blue Collar, Dog Collar.

Has your life led you to the tragic, unfortunate circumstance of NOT having a dog? Not to worry, these businesses give an invaluable gift–the gift of pettins, snugglins and cuddles with adorable canine employees.

Frederick Supply

Tell me a little about yourself:

My name is Mickey and I was rescued/adopted 2 years ago and my dad asked if I wanted to go to work. I did so well that he kept asking me to come. I rarely miss a day of work unless it rains, its cold, or I find something better to do. I am the official greeter, closer and  safety mascot. I take issue with mascot and prefer to call myself a model. I have favorite customers and I am a little embarrassed by that. I am the brains of the operation and people frequently stop in and ask for me, as they should.

Who is your role model?

Sgt Daphne Jean-Felix (pictured) of the US Army (Fort  Detrick). I respect all military and first responders and I love when they come in. Sgt Jean-Felix and I are friends at work, on Facebook and on Instagram. I send him messages telling him I am stronger and faster than him – we haven’t had that contest yet.

What are your greatest professional strengths?

I am the CEO – Chief Eating Officer

Greeting, modeling, eating, napping, repeat!

My ridiculous good looks.

My professional courtesy at all times.

I close the sale!

What are your greatest professional weaknesses?

Walking away from a coworkers unattended lunch (I have never walked away, I can’t resist!).

The cute beagle next door.

Not being more famous, but this will help!

My height.



Tell me a little about yourself:

My name is Riley, I live at Viniferous.

Who is your role model?

The little rascals dog “Petey”

What are your greatest professional strengths?

I am a really good greeter and mingler

What is your greatest professional weakness?

I love treats! Sometimes I can get cranky when on a leash, and I can be impatient with smaller dogs.


Pulse Publishing

Tell me a little about yourself:

I’m an 8 month old yorkie named Miss. ZuZu Petals. I’m a professional people watcher and employee relations manager. You can often say hi to me in the window of 12 South Market.

Who is your role model?

Charity because she is always outside the Federated Charity building, even in the rain! What dedication! ( but she never seems excited to see me)

What are your greatest professional strengths?

I can remain calm under pressure and I never bark at the UPS guy. I have a really long tongue so I can lick my coworker’s faces!

What are your greatest professional weaknesses?

I’m flawless.


Dragon Distillery

Gunny (Bulldog)

Tell me a little about yourself:

I’m a four-year old English Bulldog who is responsible for overseeing our distillery tours – and keeping the futon warm. I really enjoy meeting people.

Who is your role model?

I’m a bulldog. We don’t have role models, We ARE role models.

What are your greatest professional strengths?

I’d have to say, my amazingly good looks and my award winning smile.

What are your greatest professional weaknesses?

Probably my lack of a tail (I lost it when I was young). So it’s harder for people to see how happy I am to see them.

Thor (Morkie)

Tell me a little about yourself:

I’m an eight-year old Morkie. I’m basically in charge of everything here at the distillery – but my official title is Tasting Room Manager.  I generally stay behind the bar ensuring the staff is friendly and responsive to our guests needs. I can to this from my perch on the chair behind the bar.

Who is your role model?

I’d guess Lassie – if he was smaller, smarter, faster, and cuter.

What are your greatest professional strengths?

Oh – that’s easy – my hypo-allergenic coat

What are your greatest professional weaknesses?

I’d have to say it’s the fact that I’m too cute – sometimes I’m not taken seriously.


Hunting Creek

Tell me a little about yourself:

My name is Maizey, I’m a tri color English setter, specifically a Llewellyn Setter, I was born deaf and just turned 4 yrs old. I come to work at Hunting Creek Outfitters nearly every day.  I’m excited to meet new people, especially kids and have some favorite dog friends who visit me too. I love to run, eat and sleep, not necessarily in that order.

Who is your role model?

I would say my role model would be any professional competitive eater.  The thought that I could be rewarded for eating crazy amounts of food seems like a dream come true. In the meantime, I have mapped out the best people and places to give me treats.

What are your greatest professional strengths?

I feel like I’m an ambassador to Downtown Frederick, I’m very good at greeting people and having my picture taken with them.  There is no doubt my good looks attract humans to my store but my skills go well behind just being beautiful.   I posses a quality that brings a calmness to those I meet. If someone is having a bad day they can stop in and see me and it helps them feel better. I’m also good at remaining perfectly still, being a throw rug, a pillow for kids, blocking the doorway and holding the sidewalk down from moving.

What are your greatest professional weaknesses?

I sneak out of the store when Murray or Brian are not looking and go down the street to the Muse and Molly’s Meanderings for treats. I’m pretty nosey and have a tendency to stick my nose in people’s bags, purses and strollers and have even snatched a cookie or two out of an unsuspecting kid’s hand.  Murray tells me I’m good at getting people in the store but need to work on my closing the sale skills.


Frederick Coin Exchange

Tell me a little about yourself:

I’m Charlie and I love Frederick! Tim, my walker, and I have a great time exploring Frederick every day…..visiting friends, checking in with the nice people at the South Market Street Sandwich Store, touring the canal, Baker Park, saying hi to the ducks….there is a lot to do in Frederick!

Who is your role model?

The great people who thought to put the bowls of fresh water outside of businesses because it can get very hot in the summer when you are wearing a fur coat. Also, the businesses that have biscuits and treats available as sometimes I need a little energy boost along the way. They really thought of everything.

What are your greatest professional strengths?

I am pawsitively proud that I have been working since I was 4 months old and have never missed a day of work!  I spent 6 happy years at the coin shop on Market Street and enjoying people watching as I hung out on my couch by the window. It took me a while to get used to the shop’s new location on East Street in Everedy Square but there is a lot more room and lots of people watching.  The shop’s customers are the best……….I can always count on them for needed hug, pets,or treats!  My colleagues treat me as an equal and always include me in celebrations which I really appreciate. I’m sure they have something planned for my 8th birthday on July 4th (hint, hint)

What are your greatest professional weaknesses?

My greatest professional weakness is that I don’t have a thumb and I don’t have a pocket.  It seems to me that having a thumb and a pocket  (with a cell phone in it)  would make me a lot more independent and a whole new world could open up……..opening cabinets and doors, calling friends, ordering pizza, finding out what the other shop dogs are up to,…..the possibilities are endless!

*Remember, always ask to pet a dog before you get your snuggle on*