Jenny Leigh, “Let It Just Happen” (9/7/2017) - DO YOU RECOGNIZE THIS FACE? If you went to Urbana High School, you might just recognize Jenny Leigh! Cool thing is, this Frederick Native wrote a song, co-written with Barrett Baber (whom you may recognize from The Voice, Season 9) and Adam Wakefield (whom you may ALSO recognize from The Voice, Season 10) AND it’s going to be available […]
Summer Bucket List (8/10/2017) - Did you have the BEST SUMMER EVER???  If you answered NO, here are some heckin’ sweet ideas for your last few weeks of summer vacation!  Ultimate FiND iT Frederick Summer Bucket List Get mistakes at Jimmie Cone Have a group of people who need ice cream? Ask for a bag of mistakes at Jimmie Cone! […]
12 School Supplies that your Friends will want to Steal (8/10/2017) - If you don’t know which school supplies you need for class, check out FCPS’ Website with the supply lists for all schools. For all y’alls lookin’ to get a little extra credit on your supply game, look no further:  Writing Utensils Plant-able Pencils at The Spice & Tea Exchange! Turn your nubs into shrubs! Themed […]
Founding Father’s Favorites (7/7/2017) - These prolific, profound, persistent patriots of the past preferred perfectly prepared plates of…well…their favorite foods. Sate your curiosity below: George Washington Oysters, Cream of Peanut Soup, Mashed Potatoes with Coconut, String Beans with Mushrooms, Cherries George Washington, the first president, the great American icon, and possibly the foundingest of fathers.  While his teeth have been […]
The Summer of Drinking Patriotically (7/7/2017) - Ever wanted to get a nice, patriotic buzz going just like the Founding Fathers intended? Even after Independence Day, you can celebrate with these tantalizing libations. Fritchie Firecracker Exclusive at Hootch and Banter for a limited time only: Ingredients: Nolet’s gin Mint Simple Syrup Fresh Lemon Juice Soda Water Peychaud’s bitters Fresh Blueberries Patriotic Sangria Ingredients: […]